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  • UBI:603613046
  • Business Name GREEN GLOBE, INC.
  • Date of Incorporation May 01 2016
  • Record Status: Active
  • State Of Incorporation: WASHINGTON
  • Company Type & Class: Profit
  • Category: Regular Corporation
  • Date of Expiration: May 31 2021
  • Duration: Perpetual
  • Registered Agent Name: GREEN GLOBE INC
  • Registered Agent Address: 32825 8TH PL SW, FEDERAL WAY, WA 980235231
  • Scott Salisbury Cell Phone number 253 221 9051

The CBD Store Seattle WA closest major City

Name of incorporated Company: Green Globe Inc. Business Registration State of Washington.
UBI 603-613-046
Ownership: Scott Salisbury from Federal Way WA.
Secure buying Site domain address:
You are here now… https://buycbd.co/ Informational Site Start Date Dec 20 2013… www.cbdstore.co CHeaBD

The CBD Store

www.CBDStore.co (Scott Salisbury’s informational page) Founded Dec 20, 2013  5 years + of research


www.BuyCBD.co (Shopping cart. You are on this site now) Founded Sept 17, 2014DD


📰 CBD Dail News CBD

  • The CBD Store’s ownership resides in the State of Washington. You will find us from day to day, in front of computers tending to you the customer taking care of your online orders.  The CBD Store’s team is located throughout the United States to better serve you with the Top CBD brands in the industry. When you make a purchase from The CBD Store, our team verifies your information to enable the shipment of your product the same day or the next day. We follow up accordingly with tracking numbers, so you can follow the journey of your CBD product. From time to time, the product does go backorder. When this happens we communicate with you accordingly.

  • Domains = websites. This domain’s URL is BuyCBD.co and was registered on Sept 17, 2014. It is registered through  Go Daddy by way of Google apps. The content you see on this domain is generated from WordPress. WP-Engine hosts www.buycbd.co and with that our store is built out using WordPress. Our Shopping Cart is WooCommerce. You are in a secure environment when you make a credit card purchase. WooCommerce uses what is known as SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology.

  • The CBD Store www.CBDStore.co was registered through Go Daddy

    also by way of Google apps. It too is all things Google. This website was registered on Dec 20, 2013

  • The Above represents the technology we use enables you to purchase CBD products.

  • What about ownership? Scott Salisbury is the owner. He can be reached at scott.salisbury@CBDStore.co. Because CBD worked for him in the autumn months of 2013 he decided to expand his business past selling only software online and to indeed sell CBD online. And the rest is history.

  • How did Scott find out about CBD?  He like many of you had health issues, which started in the spring of 2013. In the study of Marijuana came the study of Hemp and the discovery of CBD as an extract from hemp. As such legal. Non-Psychoactive. And for Scott Salisbury, it worked!

  • The patent held by the United States Government is the 1# read and Scott read it again and again and again and again. He listened to Mary Lynn Mathre’s you-tube videos on The Endocannabinoid System. He studied Dr. Mechoulam’s work, the Dr. from Israel who in 1963 isolated CBD.

  • The CBD Store like you is made up of people who are appreciative of where we live, The United States of America. We respect the rules and regulations of The United States and with that like you, we want to make sure the CBD product we sell is represented by companies who have standards that sit inside the laws of The United States.

  • We have vetted all our products and the companies who make the products we sell. Like you, we too want to buy only legal CBD products from Legal entities who support the Legal process in the United States.

where you can find Scott Salisbury on weekends… The Auburn Golf Course in Auburn WA.

Scott Salisbury on Google Plus… https://plus.google.com/u/0/+ScottSalisburyCBD 

Scott Salisbury on Friday Nights in the fall… He will be on the football chains at Federal Way Memorial Stadium.

Scott Salisbury during Federal Way Soccer games… He will be announcing those games.

Scott Salisbury’s Cell phone number 253 221 9051

Like you, we respect the rules and regulations of The United States Government.

In fact and last but not least… The Government of The United States holds the patent on Cannabinoids. CBD is an acronym for Cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a Cannabinoid. THC (that which makes you high) is a Cannabinoid. There are 85 plus Cannabinoids in Cannabis.

Patent link… https://www.google.com/patents/US6630507


Scott Salisbury 
Scott.Salisbury@CBDStore.co   253 221 9051
Founder (🎪The CBD Store and 🎪Hemp Extracts) 

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