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Scott Salisbury hemp and hops



Founder Green Globe Inc (State of Washington)

eCommerce site  ( We sell CBD Products)

We came online to represent CBD Products from hemp Dec 20 2013. We started in January of 2014  with 1 brand from Cannavest which later became CV Sciences. The brand is Plus CBD. We continue to pick up the phone and make connections with top brands in the USA.. As of this writing Sept 9 219 we represent 47 brands.

Company Goals. We strive to represent science based companies that can deliver products in the CBD space that are backed by manufacturing practices that hold up to FDA standards.

Personal Goals. To afford customers who find our website the best possible choices when deciding which product has the best efficacy for their reason in buying CBD. And in so doing taking care of our customers. It is all about customer satisfaction.

Personal Achievements: 

  • Mentally breaking through the stigma and accepting Cannabis as that which can be medicinal.

  • Creating an online presence allowing customers the ability to buy CBD Products.

Quirky Fact: “Scott don’t tell anyone you are selling CBD” Not everyone in the family unit sees things the way you/I might see it.

Common Thread: Continually making connections with folks I don’t know. To continue to pick up the phone, start the next text. Make connections to bridge CBD Companies and customers.


Scott Salisbury   253 221 9051

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