Soulshine CBD Hemp Flower

Hemp Fower + your own Pre-Roll shells 

Organically grown high-CBD hemp flower containing no THC. All flower is third-party tested by a certified Quality Assurance lab. Grown, tested, and processed in the United States. There is no use of chemical herbicides, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers.

  • Rolled with organic rose petals

  • Traditional 1g cone size

  • Petals are pesticide and chemical-free!! 

  • Packing is easy!

  • Pre-roll shells are cured to (62%RH) to maintain flavor. – do not let your shells dry out!

  • Our rose petals contain 2-4% terpenes, not enough to overpower the cannabis, but compliment it

To preserve freshness:
Keep your rose shell in the provided bag until you are ready to pack it.

Rose colors are chosen and distributed at random as color selection is based on seasonal availability.


Since December 2013

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