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When selecting among therapeutic cannabis products, quality of product is of the utmost concern. The cannabis and hemp industries are largely unregulated. Quality standards required by individual states vary; oftentimes, such standards are nonexistent. So how can you be sure to receive a product you can trust?

At Realm of Caring, many of our staff and families struggled with the same question. Over time, we learned to ask specific questions to discern quality products. Where is the cannabis grown or sourced? What solvents or other chemicals are used? What is the product tested for, what testing method is used, and who does the testing?

A few companies are taking quality to the next level in their products. We at Realm of Caring are excited to recognize these companies and partner with them in order to guarantee our clients have access to trusted options when exploring cannabinoid ther


Elixinol was founded by a group of passionate leaders committed to bringing forth education and awareness on how people can live long, healthy lives and to naturally reduce the amount of disease we see in our world today. Co-Founder Paul Benhaim has been a global leader in the Industrial Hemp industry, having actively been involved since 1991. Over the course of the last few decades, he has built deep relationships with the top experts in the world who have been using hemp for multiple purposes. He is the founder of globally recognized Hemp Foods Australia and has been cultivating and manufacturing Hemp on a large scale around the world. Because of some of the latest research by leading scientists into the powerful impact the Cannabinoids in the Hemp plant can have on human health and Paul’s background and deep connections as a worldwide authority on the cultivation of hemp, many influential people around the world began reaching out to him about developing Cannabinoid based products.

Having recognized the worldwide demand for CBD and other cannabinoids as well as the potential to impact global health, Paul began researching many of the companies that were in this space. What he noticed were a number of challenges with existing products on the market including consistency, quality control, education and overall business operations. With a proven track record of success in sourcing only the highest quality hemp from select locations around the world as well as his expertise in product development, manufacturing, and fulfillment, Paul decided it was a moral obligation to create a World-Class Organization in the Hemp Oil Extract industry. to learn more and order.


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