Yogi Premium Pain Cream


Ingredients: Hemp seed oil, CBD Distillate, flavoring agent




Yogi Premium Pain Cream

2 oz Jar, 600 mg of CBD Distillate, full-spectrum, natural, nano, THC free

Excellent absorption for maximum pain relief in the shortest time

Higher CBD content of 1,200 mg available. Our Nano formulation may require considerably less CBD content per ml of product to deliver the same benefits,

Ingredients: Hemp seed oil, CBD Distillate, Arnica Oil, Camphor Oil, MSM, Aloe Vera, Biotin, Emu Oil (call for Emu oil green substitute), plant-based emulsifying wax, Lavender Oil, Water, Phenoxy Ethanol


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness.

CBD Cream Products :

CBD Cream, Pain Relief:  Contains a blend of natural ingredients and our special CBD Oil for quick pain relief

CBD  Cream – Anti Aging:  WIth added neo glucosamine   and all of the ingredients of Pain Relief Cream

CBD Cream – Spot Removal – With Niacinamide          

            THC FREE                    NATURAL                                    FULL SPECTRUM


All cream products contain  600 mg  CBD  Distillate and a blend of several Ayurvedic extracts offering excellent benefits.  Quick absorption through our Nano formulation.


Nanopure Technologies

Our team of doctors, engineers, and scientists have deep expertise in biotechnology, engineering & medicine. The various CBD products which we find on the market today offer inconsistent and often confusing benefits. Based on our values of environmental consciousness, sustainability, and bound by a common theme of doing good, we believe that success will follow when our customers are happy with our products. Our company strives to offer the purest formulations of CBD in the most innovative delivery methods.

Recent scientific research into ancient Ayurvedic practices has brought forth newer ideas of therapeutic amalgamation that our company incorporates and specializes in. Our full-spectrum, organic CBD products are blended with the purest natural ingredients derived from Ayurvedic knowledge in order to deliver the best possible experience.


Deliver maximum benefits with the smallest dosage in a cost-effective manner using all-natural organic products


We strive to become fully vertically integrated in the future to assure quality throughout our supply chain

Nanopure CBD Formulations – Advantages Over Competitors

Made in a clean laboratory environment using raw materials that are tested or bought certified free from pesticides, heavy metals, and solvent residues Eliminate first pass through the liver and subsequent reduction of effectiveness of CBD Our unique thin-film delivery system strips can be taken sublingually or buccally for a very high-efficiency delivery, thus eliminating the need for vaping pens and tincture products Our products are all safe and natural We include a deep-penetrant natural ingredient in our cream for maximum transdermal delivery We combine our CBD formulations with Ayurvedic extracts to maximize benefits We are a team of doctors, scientists, and engineers, not “mom & pop” kitchen producers, and we are passionate about quality

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600mg, 1200mg


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