Neuro XPF Water Soluble CBD


Water Soluble
Healing without the high.
Available in 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg and 1500mg
Neuro XPF™ ISOTERP™ CBD is bonded to 100% glycerin for an all-natural, silky sweet taste that provides a bio available, water-soluble alternative to the weaker isolated CBD (Cannabidiol) oils found in the market.



Water Soluble CBD

Rapid Absorption. Rapid Uptake.

Our ultra-refined CBD isolate and proprietary terpene blend are bonded to pure vegetable glycerin and encapsulated in nano-water clusters. Our advanced nano-delivery system allows rapid absorption into your bloodstream and complete uptake into your cells. You get high-potency, high-speed and high-bioavailability CBD.

DOSING: Shake well before use. Take 1ml (or one full dropper) once per day (approx. 20 drops). May mix with cold foods or liquids, but not for use in cooking.


Serving Size 20 Drops – 1ml
Servings per Container: 30


Amount per Serving. . . . . . . . . .%DV
250 CBD (Cannabidiol) 8.3 mg. . . . . .  *
500 CBD (Cannabidiol) 16.7 mg. . . . . .  *
1000 CBD (Cannabidiol) 33.4 mg. . . . . .  *
1500 CBD (Cannabidiol) 50 mg. . . . . .  *  * Daily value not established


Ultra-refined CBD, Natural Plant Terpenes, Organic Vegetable Glycerin, Nano CBD Water, Polysorbate.

*THC undetectable in source

Combined with nano hydrosome our ISOTERP CBD Nectar is an amazing product for people with problematic GI tracts as it quickly absorbs out of the stomach for fast action.

• Made with Isoterp CBD
• THC Free
• Nothing Artificial
• Natural Plant Terpenes
• Rapid Absorption
• Nano Enhanced


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