Kingsley Gelcaps


  • 30 capsules per jar
  • 30mg Cannabinoids per Gel capsule
  • Colorado Grown
  • Full-Spectrum Processed Hemp Extract

Ingredients: MCT Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Gelatin, Vegetable Glycerin, Distilled Water.

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Seed to Shelf. From their own farm to your home through The CBD Store 


Kingsley Full Spectrum Gelcaps are the most convenient way to consume your CBD. Just like our tinctures, Kingsley Gelcaps contain high-quality full-spectrum hemp extract and MCT as a carrier oil. Kingsley Gelcaps are perfect for consuming CBD efficiently on the go!

The Kingsley line of full spectrum hemp extract products is a premier CBD brand. We are a seed-to-sale provider growing our hemp from superior seeds bred on our organic Colorado farm, our “Royal Meadows”. We maintain a full chain of custody to ensure every facet of the process adheres to our quality standards. Our food-grade alcohol cold extraction process produces the cleanest full spectrum oil that is high in CBD and maintains the terpenes, flavonoids and major and minor cannabinoids required to achieve the Entourage Effect.


Because we grow quality biomass that is high in CBD and low in THC (under the legal limit of .3%), there is no need for further refinement to achieve an acceptable CBD content level. All CBD used in Kingsley products undergoes full panel testing by a third-party independent lab for cannabinoids, terpenes, potency, metals, microbes and residual solvents to insure we are providing the highest quality product to our customers. Our extract, rich in these beneficial plant compounds, is available in tinctures, gelcaps, topicals and pet care.


The Kingsley brand promise is to provide consumers with a consistent source of CBD of the highest quality that helps them achieve their wellness needs.

The full-spectrum oil in Kingsley products is extracted using a food-grade Kosher alcohol cold extraction process. This process maintains the integrity of the hemp plant components while creating a clean full spectrum extract with minimal plant material and a high CBD yield of 60-70%. This high yield means that Kingsley products maintain high potency using less oil, resulting in a better taste and the entourage effect.


This is where the extraction process begins. Our B-20 Hemp is loaded into the centrifuge and spun while cold, food-grade Kosher ethanol is pumped into the hemp. Using centrifugal force, The CBDa and other cannabinoids in our hemp are separated from the solid plant material and infused with the ethanol, creating a CBDa rich ethanol oil.

Closed Loop Evaporation System:

Next the CBD rich ethanol is processed through a closed-loop evaporation system, which acts like a still. The ethanol is heated distilled from the CBD extract, leaving a full spectrum crude hemp oil.


The full spectrum crude hemp extract is then decarboxylated to convert the CBDa into CBD using a slow-heating process. This conversion of CBDa to CBD helps to activate dormant beneficial properties in the CBDa.


We then mix the now, CBD full spectrum hemp extract with ethanol again and freeze it for 48 hours to separate any unwanted plant matter and fats from the extract.

Closed Loop Evaporation System:

Finally, we run the ethanol mixed extract through the closed-loop evaporation system again to separate the ethanol from the extract. This produces our clean, full-spectrum oil that is high in CBD and maintains the terpenes, flavonoids and major and minor cannabinoids required to achieve the Entourage Effect.

*** Our process is superior to others because we extract using food-grade Kosher alcohol, whereas most companies complete their process after step 3. We freeze and run our extracts through the closed-loop evaporation system a second time to ensure that our extracts are extremely pure and clean.

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