Kanabia 500mg +Turmeric




Ingredients: MCT oil (coconut), turmeric CO2 extract, rosemary CO2 extract, hemp extract.

CBD 349.74mg
CBD-V 59.07mg
CBG 41.580mg
THC-V 49.728mg

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In addition to a true full range of cannabinoids, this 500 mg tincture features turmeric extract for added anti-inflammatory benefits. Mix it with your beverage of choice (did somebody say Chai?) or take it straight under the tongue for the quickest relief.

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500 mg – Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

Made with 100% organic, Golden Harvest Full-Spectrum hemp.

This 250 mg tincture features a true full range of cannabinoids. With 0% THC, it won’t get you high. Mix with your beverage of choice or take it straight under the tongue for the quickest relief.

Sourced from 100% organic Golden Harvest Hemp Extract, our full-spectrum products contain more than just CBD. Our revolutionary extraction process means our full-spectrum products feature a complete range of cannabinoids.

Cannabinoids like CBG, THC-V, and CBD-V have each been suggested to contain their own unique health benefits.

Most products who advertise a “full-spectrum formula,” may be missing out on these potential benefits as most contain upwards to >95% of just CBD.

In contrast, our full-spectrum blends deliver a full range of cannabinoids with CBD, CBG, CBD-V, and THC-V and at levels far greater than our competitors

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