im·bue Tincture 250mg

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Designed for those instances where higher levels of CBD is desired, im·bue elevated delivers a strong 250 mg full spectrum CBD per fluid ounce. This easy-to-use, pleasant tasting 30 ml liquid thoughtfully packaged within a black velour drawstring pouch and recyclable outer box.

INGREDIENTS: Organically grown CBD Oil derived from Colorado grown hemp and organic vegetable glycerin.

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im·bue subscribes to the principle that LOW-DOSE CBD, in most cases, provides superior results. High doses of CBD can actually interfere with the natural endocannabinoid system of most mammals, resulting in lower levels of effectiveness and even resistance over time. LOW-DOSE CBD on the other hand, can provide optimum benefits in the vast majority of applications. And frankly, this is one of the key reasons why we say what we do… for those who know…

At im·bue botanicals, we carefully formulate our products for optimal CBD concentrations and NO or LOW levels of THC*. Our unique, low pressure and temperature processing of the whole plant ensures that our product is fully-infused with all the most beneficial cannabinoids including terpenes which are easily destroyed with other processing methods. It’s what we call Full Spectrum, and it’s designed to provide outstanding benefits. And at im.bue botanicals, all of our products are batch tested  by independent laboratories prior to shipment to ensure quality and consistency.

Our proprietary liquid product utilizes all-natural, pleasant tasting organic vegetable glycerin as the base. This ensures a pleasant taste, without any unhealthy additives. And our exclusive capsules provide a convenient alternative when a higher, more sustained dose is preferred.

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5 reviews for im·bue Tincture 250mg

  1. Sue Dowdy (verified owner)

    An excellent tincture with a pleasant flavor. I’ve been trying many different brands/flavors over the past few months to find something that I’d be able to use easier. I have found it!
    I’ve taken this tincture 2X per day for about a week now. It does it’s job and works for it’s intended purpose. I really like it.

    This product is not cost prohibitive and the shipping was incredibly fast. I will definitely be ordering this product again.

  2. Debra

    I have found this to be very good at calming my mother who has alzheimers and makes her more cooperative. I would recommend this for anyone that has anxiety.

  3. ldaniel (verified owner)

    I have been battling breast cancer for 13 yrs(dx at age 36) 3 yrs ago I was dx with metastatic breast cancer to liver and bone. I have been on oral chemo everyday since. Needless to say my body was taking a beating. Joint aches, restless legs, neuropathy, stomach pain, vomiting…hardly being able to want to get up and out…missing precious time with my family. UNTIL I found this…Im Bue. It has helped where no other prescription has. I can sleep at night and my joints feel so much better.I have went from constantly needing opioids for pain to maybe using them once daily.Thank you for letting me make memories instead of “just existing”

  4. peterahbroder (verified owner)

    I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia and have been living with pain all over my body for years(I’m sure nothing even close to what the user Idaniel goes through on a good day🙏) so at first I was skeptical with the whole lower dose helping more philosophy. However it seems like the lovely folks at imblue have it figured out. It wasn’t until I ran out of the product that I realized what I had finally found. Comfort. Plus I could literally just drink it if they offered it as a beverage. 13/10 in the taste department ladies and gentlemen, seriously. Bravo!👍👍

  5. awilliams (verified owner)

    While my pail isn’t as serious as some, I was seeing my chiropractor and medical massage one a week for years. I found this ImBue tincture a little over a year ago and it immediately reduce the pain caused by pinched nerves and muscle spasms. I’ve been able to reduce my reliance on medical professionals by about 75%. I also found as an unexpected side effect that it seems to help with high blood pressure as well. I’m currently working with my doctor to reduce, and hopefully eliminate, my blood pressure prescription because of this fantastic product!
    Thanks ImBue!!!

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