Full-spectrum to relax and restore

It’s the best of both worlds with our pomegranate CBD gummies.  A powerful combination of the antioxidants found in the pomegranate fruit with CBD. Each gummy is 25mg of CBD and natural ingredients Tapioca Syrup, Cannabidiol, and botanically-derived terpenes. Gluten-free, vegan, no GMOs, and no corn syrup.


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high falls hemp the cbd store





Full-spectrum to focus and empower

Wonderful citrus flavors in one gummy! Chewy gummy candies packed with rich citrus-ginger flavor.   Tasty, convenient, and easy to take. Each gummy is 25mg of CBD and natural ingredients: Tapioca Syrup, Cannabidiol, and botanically-derived terpenes. Gluten-free, vegan, no GMOs, and no corn syrup.


Crafted with both taste and efficacy in mind, High Falls Hemp gummies are bursting with the flavors of citrus-ginger and pomegranate. Relax/Restore with pomegranate, and Focus/Empower with citrus-ginger.

We offer gummies which are blended with the restorative effects of CBD extracted from our own farm grown hemp… Unlike most companies — which spray CBD from unknown sources on their gummies — High Falls takes the extra time to blend full spectrum hemp extract and botanically derived terpenes into our natural tapioca based [no corn syrup!] gummies to evenly distribute it throughout each piece, giving you the consistency and effectiveness that you deserve.

These high-quality gummies are a great way to try CBD for the first time.  A great addition to your daily wellness regimen.

Triple lab tested and from our farm to your table.

Available in 3-piece or 30-piece, with 25mg of full-spectrum CBD per gummy.

high falls hemp the cbd store

high falls hemp the cbd store

High Falls Hemp NY is a seed to sale hemp company in the Hudson Valley focusing on aiding people’s health and wellness. Our farm, history, and quality are at our core. Here at High Falls Hemp, we work with many of our neighbors in the Hudson Valley. Located 20 minutes west of New Paltz, we work with Local Farmers on a 12-acre plot of land to cultivate our hemp. We use all-natural, organic farming methods free of pesticides and herbicides. We then formulate using our facility in Long Island NY and have all of our products third-party lab-tested to ensure we are providing the premium quality that we hold ourselves to. We are there for each step of the process!

Throughout history, we are able to see the endless benefits this plant provides specifically its effectiveness in combating inflammation. We then see the unfortunate false negative perceptions of CBD and hemp that have been created over the past 80 years. Times are changing! we are thrilled!  However, the current quality regulations of hemp-derived products concern us.

High Falls Hemp NY has been working directly with New York state in raising hemp regulations to ensure users an honest CBD experience. After our hands-on hard work, we struggle to see low quality CBD sold at corner stores and gas stations.  Thank you for your time in reading about the High Falls Hemp NY perspective. I hope you try our seed to sale creations!

The ideal variety. High Falls Hemp NY strains and hemp seeds carefully selected just for you.

Planted with love. As our plants grow, we check their THC/CBD levels daily

Extracted to perfection. Our farmers extract using C02 and food-grade Ethanol

Thoroughly lab tested. Our team processes, packages, and lab tests each batch


Can decrease, help, or alleviate:

Hemp-derived products decrease stiffness, relieve parts of the body, reduce inflammation, help boost your personality and help your mind stay clear.  May reduce skin inflammation and irritation.  May assist with autoimmune reactions. 


What’s in High Falls Hemp oil?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in hemp. Although hemp is part of the cannabis family, we offer hemp CBD that contains less than 0.3% THC, meaning it will not get you ‘high.’ We also offer hemp-derived CBD products with no THC. This means you can buy hemp CBD oil from us and know that you are getting premium products. At High Falls Hemp NY, we provide CBD that is made and grown on our farms in High Falls, New York. Once harvested, our hemp is processed and undergoes extraction and quality testing, creating 100% CBD hemp oil. This ensures that all of our products give the customer an honest hemp CBD experience.  


How it all began.

Tricia and Rick’s vision of a hemp wellness revolution begins in High Falls, New York– two hours from Manhattan. Today, Tricia manages the farm while Rick manages their marketing.

High Fall’s being just off the roundabout creel is absolutely stunning all four seasons of the year. Therefore High Falls was the perfect place to start High Falls Hemp!

The very core of HIGH FALLS HEMP | NY is its iconic Treasure House– the cabin turned laboratory where the seeds can be examined and experimented with. The Treasure House is where the High Falls separates itself from competitors. Through our distinct “seed to soul” philosophy, the mission of HIGH FALLS HEMP | NY is to create the purest CBD-infused products available anywhere.



The hemp wellness revolution is upon us.

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4-count, 250mg, 30-count, 750mg


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