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Peak City CBD

Peak City CBD was founded in 2019 by an organic chemist, Matt Weschler.  After working in the electron microscopy industry for over 20 years, it was time for a new challenge.  The science of CBD, as well as real-life stories of its importance and impact in people’s lives, are what intrigued us and spurred the formation of Peak City CBD. We decided to get more involved in helping people (and pets!) in the booming, healthful CBD industry, and do it the right way – organic, traceable, and best quality.

Peak City CBD is a family-owned business based in Apex, NC.  Apex is known as the “Peak of Good Living” – thus the name Peak City was born.  With a trusted local colleague who runs an organic hemp farm, it was the perfect match to begin extracting cannabinoids from organically-grown Carolina hemp.  We are proud to know the entire history of our CBD, from the seed to the finished product. This is a critical point – what we put into our bodies is important and you must know where it comes from.  When you purchase from Peak City CBD, you can rest assured traceability and tracking are known (no hemp from strange overseas places, and the process from farm-to-table is under our daily control).

We use CO2 extraction to derive the CBD from hemp.  CO2 is a substance that is all around us – a gas that we exhale daily!  Technology that uses CO2 is the cleanest and purest way to isolate the compounds we put into Peak City CBD products.  CO2 extraction creates some of the best oils around.  If you want to learn more about CO2 extraction or any of the science involved, please contact us as we love to talk about it!  Look around on our website and you can also learn more about extraction, hemp, and the benefits that some people gain from CBD products. [Blog and FAQ are great resources in general]

Peak City CBD strives to provide the best formulations and quality products for you, your families, and your pets.  Please contact us with any questions you might have.