The CBD Store oncbdOur line of topical CBD products use  , a proprietary phase change topical technology that allows the CBD from hemp to discreetly and effectively penetrate the skin.


Solving The Skin Barrier Challenge

Skin is a complex barrier organ of the body comprised of many layers.  It is designed to effectively repel most foreign objects from entering the body.  The outer layer of the skin is called the stratum corneum.  It is the “dead cell” layer of the skin since all of the cells are non-living.  

More importantly, it is lipophilic meaning that it is fat-loving as opposed to hydrophilic which is water-loving. Being lipophilic, oils can easily penetrate the stratum corneum while water, which is hydrophilic, is instantly repelled. This is why you don’t dissolve when you take a bath or a shower.  

The skin layer below the stratum corneum is the epidermis, which is hydrophilic, meaning that it is water-loving.  Since oil and water repel each other, oil-based compounds that penetrate the stratum corneum can’t penetrate into the epidermis. What happens is that the oil-based compound plates out along the interface between the stratum corneum and epidermis and stays there until they are sluffed off by the skin’s normal shedding process as the skin is constantly being renewed.

Thus, oil-based compounds can’t penetrate below the stratum corneum to the epidermis. When you see oils penetrate the skin and “disappear”, they are only penetrating the outer layer of the skin.

Herb Tech Pharmaceutical’s

Phase Change Technology

Herb Tech has created an emulsion technology that can change its orientation from oil to water. In science, this is known as a “phase change”.  Emulsions look like creams, but they are much more complex.  They have stabilized oil and water molecules attached to certain binders. 

When the emulsion is in an oil environment (like the stratum corneum) all of the oil components organize on the outside of the emulsion allowing it to penetrate the stratum corneum carrying along the hydrophilic components on the inside of the emulsion.  When the emulsion gets to the epidermis, a hydrophilic environment, the emulsion “breaks”.  This means that many of the lipophilic components leave the emulsion while the hydrophilic components now move to the outside of the emulsion.

The lipophilic components (CBD and other botanicals) that remain are now on the inside of the emulsion which can now pass to the epidermis.   Without phase change technology, penetration of CBD and other botanicals won’t occur. 

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