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Just like Blue Label oil, Real Scientific Hemp Oil® Gold Label CBD hemp oil has been decarboxylated to transform natural CBDa into CBD, upping its CBD concentration. What separates Gold Label oil from Blue Label oil is a round of proprietary filtration that removes chlorophyll and other plant material from the final product. The result is a more refined CBD product with less plant-like taste and a golden hue.

Due to its extra refinement, Gold Label is one of the most potent products we carry in terms of CBD concentration.  

NEW Packaging and labeling are coming. All must go! 


Searching for CBD hemp oil in its rawest form? Check out Real Scientific Hemp Oil® Green Label CBD hemp oil, our closest approximation to the natural hemp plant itself. RSHO® Green Label CBD hemp oil is not decarboxylated** following the extraction, retaining its unadulterated raw form and remaining akin to hemp plant juice.

Since it’s not decarboxylated, our Green Label oil contains a high concentration of cannabinoids left in their acidic form. Many consumers seek out unadulterated cannabinoids for nutritional content and purported health benefits.

As our RSHO® Green Label CBD oil is higher in cannabidiolic acid (CBDa) than our other oil products, it’s an excellent choice for those in search of the health benefits or acidic cannabinoids. 

Besides CBD and CBDa, our Green Label oil is also a great source of essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and other trace cannabinoids. Because of its minimal processing, our Real Scientific Hemp Oil® Green Label has the lowest price point of our RSHO® types.

NEW Packaging and labeling are coming. All must go!


RSHO® Blue Label products are made with full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD oil that has gone through a heating process called decarboxylation to increase the concentration of CBD.

While an incredible source of CBD (17% CBD by weight), RSHO® Blue Label products also retain the hemp plant’s natural composition. RSHO® Blue Label CBD products still contain the long list of natural vitamins and minerals from the hemp plant, as well as nutritious omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

All Blue Label CBD hemp oil products from Real Scientific Hemp Oil® are extracted from non-GMO hemp plants grown by families of farmers in Northern Europe. The small farming community uses centuries-old cultivation techniques to grow our plants without pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. We use a supercritical CO2 process, rather than harsh solvents, to safely extract the hemp CBD oil from the plant’s stalks.

Each RSHO® hemp CBD oil product undergoes our rigorous, three-step Triple Lab Testing® process, including an examination for purity and safety by an independent, ISO-certified lab. We’ve gone the length in safeguarding each and every RSHO® Blue product you buy.




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