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About Jampha

Jampha is a Tibetan word meaning “loving-kindness” , Loving Kindness is exactly what goes into every cream, tincture, and product we make. Our brand is named after a much loved mythical Tibetan monk who has been close to one of our founding members his entire life. It is our intention that Jampha’s Peace and Light and Love are infused into each of our products and felt by each who use them, in loving-kindness.
The genesis of what is now the Jampha brand started in 2014 to help its original formulator and family members, who were suffering from severe arthritic pain, traumatic brain injury requiring 5 brain surgeries in 4 weeks and a multiple fracture leg injury that had resulted in disability. From this beginning, we have continued this healing path by developing a wide range of powerfully beneficial products, using shamanistic plant medicine knowledge coupled with the latest scientific cannabinoid research, our team of scientists and synergistic terpenes formulation experts have brought together a holistic full spectrum fusion of entourage effects. 
Jampha lotions and tinctures have proven to be so effective in helping to restore quality of life to family and many others, that sharing it with the world has become our vision! This vision drives all we do. We have seen amazing results even from some types of chronic inflammation, and weaning off opiates completely after many years of taking these highly addictive substances. 
Our fixed and immovable commitment is to deliver life-changing products at an unbeatable value. We offer certified organic hemp CBD products with organic essential oil plant extracts infused with certified organic hemp terpenes to create a product that promotes a balanced mind body and soul.
Our goal is to build relationships with people and companies committed to healing our planet through the many uses of hemp including the restoration of our bodies by reducing inflammation through healthy living!
Our team is comprised of individuals whose lives have been changed by the balancing power of CBD. We are passionate about sharing our stories and helping to empower others to reclaim their health. Jampha products are effective at reducing the effects of pain through our unique proprietary blend that includes essential oils like Lavender and Ylang Ylang as well as terpenes like a-Pinene and d-Limonene. Each of our proprietary terpene profiles promotes a unique entourage of positive health benefits. We encourage each of you to research the science of terpenes and their benefits for human beings and animals.

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About Green Garden Gold

Green Garden Gold is a leading producer of the highest quality hemp oil, a natural product with a unique focus on wellness. Our goal is to foster health, for people today and future generations, by offering products to support a beneficial lifestyle for everyone.

From our beginnings in 2013, we made it our mission to provide only the finest hemp oil possible. We contracted directly with best-in-class farm growers who monitor every aspect of production and we sourced only refiners dedicated to high standards of purity.

Since then we’ve grown from a small provider of hemp oil to a recognized preferred supplier with a growing national customer base. Our team of health-conscious leaders leaves no part of production to chance. Everything we do is rooted in science.

Green Garden Gold is continuously innovating to improve the profile of our products. We feature only positive ingredients and develop new formulas to respond to an increasing demand for products that are pure and organic.

Our proprietary production process ensures our lab-tested products have only top-notch ingredients. Containing phytochemicals, terpenes and amino acids, our hemp oils have no heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. Our certificate of analysis not only supports these results, but also includes testing for hard metals, listeria, e-coli and mold.

We have a deep commitment to doing what’s right with our products and our customers. Our team was created to put people first. We believe in the importance of providing product choices to meet customer’s expectations and in shipping those products on time, every time.

Our team members believe in our vision and values just as strongly today as we did the first time we came together. Our goal is to enhance the lives of others by helping them reach their wellness goals with a full line of world-class products.

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About Neurogan

Neurogan grew from the heart of our co-founder, Jan Brandrup. Originally from Funen, Denmark, he first encountered hemp’s remarkable abilities as a child. Each day, his Grandmother Karen would retrieve a glass jar full of hemp from the cabinet and brew herself a warm cup of tea. He would watch in awe as her vitality returned, by virtue of simple plant medicine. This experience sparked his distinct fascination with hemp and an eventual desire to spread its healing attributes. Today our family continues Grandmother Karen’s tradition of using hemp to heal in San Diego, California – where our top-notch team creates all of our products through CO2 extraction to produce CBD goodness that boasts nature’s integrity.  

As Jan began to look deeper into hemp’s etiology he became engrossed with its rich roots that spanned throughout human history and time. He learned that hemp is one of the most important and resilient agricultural plants in existence. It’s been used for ropes and animal feed, grows in practically any condition without fertilizer, helps the environment, contains potent vitamin and nutrient density, and has the power to heal and relieve pain.  

In 2015, Jan approached a family member in Denmark about changing his corn farm, into a hemp farm. Now, each year Neurogan hemp is grown in March and harvested in September. And hemp is not new to the Scandinavian region. In fact, it has grown and thrived in this region since the Viking age over 1,000 years ago. We proudly continue this tradition by harvesting our hemp outdoors in the pristine Danish countryside, without the use of greenhouses, chemicals, or GMOs. With the help of Neurogan hemp, our hope is that our customers can share in our Danish tradition of, “hygge”, by enjoying the simple things in life.  

Our priority is to deliver a high grade, unrivaled hemp product containing all of the healing whole-plant properties that come straight from nature. With the integrity of a full-spectrum product, we are confident that Neurogan can provide the most awe-inspiring wellness that hemp has to offer.  

FREE Candle valued at $65.00 with the purchase of $125.00 of Chocolate + CBD

About Southeast Edibles


Gourmet cacao, hand-whipped into Full Spectrum HEMP Extract Phyto Cannabinoids with all-natural ingredients. We craft without artificial colors or flavors and are vegan, dairy and glute.

Southeast Edibles…Our story begins with a young man, escaping World War II, leaving a life in Europe behind for safe haven in the Caribbean; a lush, tropical paradise … He settled in La Hispaniola, along Cordillera Central, a mountain range that extends from the plains of San Cristóbal and Baní in the Dominican Republic to the northwestern peninsula of Haiti (where it is known as Massif du Nord) in a small, Dominican village just below the highest mountain peak of the Caribbean, Pico Duarte.

Just 50 miles from the lowest point in the Dominican Republic, this pinnacle’s altitudes birth the perfect storm of nutrient-rich soil, fresh mountain air and sunshine to grow world-renowned Cacao. The villagers in the Ciboa area used the Cacao in many facets of day to day life: for shade, food, tinctures and more but their favorite use was the best of all, Chocolate. The young man that began our story grew to be the village chocolatier. He remembered the smell of the cacao and the shade of the trees and learning the bean trade when he landed in Venezuela, in a city regaled as “the big cacao” because of its magnificent premium cacao criollo and the fire it started inside of him never dwindled. He was regaled for creating the finest chocolate in all of the island. He shared his passion from son to son, passing a hand-crafted recipe through three generations to a boy that grew to become our Master Chocolatier.

In our factory, the air is rich in the smell of cacao, that same smell he remembers filled the air in his grandfather’s shop as a young boy. A smell he uses to draw upon for inspiration, invoking memories of going to work with his father, processing cacao into cacao liquor, butter and learning to pair and perfect new flavors. The smell that lingers on and drew him across an ocean to continue on his family’s legacy perfecting confections and chocolates.

Our chocolatier precision crafts each of our artisanal flavors by hand, choosing each and every ingredient by the pallet distinguished from his grandfather’s perfected instruction. He and our team have traveled the world, hand-curating the finest ingredients to blend into each flavor. Southeast Edibles has chosen to partner with ethical and sustainable farms, that grow the highest quality cannabis strains across the country, robust in CBD and lab tested to ensure the best oils are extracted in their purest form, uncompromised and robust in benefits and effect. Rich, coconut milk is blended into our chocolate to create bold flavors that maintain integrity while being dairy-free. From a grandfather’s hands to a grandson’s dream, our bean to bite confections are filled with love, inspiration and integrity.

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