On-boarding onto The CBD Store Platform

Green Globe Inc is HQ in Seattle Washington.  We are experiencing approximately 10,000 hits per month across all domains. The owner that would be me, Scott Salisbury has 26,000 followers on Linkedin and we do leverage those followers. I also own 10 LinkedIn groups that have 10,000 + members. Our Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/CBDstore/ and has app 2,150 members. The point being we are noticed.

Business Model. Dropship

LinkedIn Founder of LinkedIn Group CBD Health and Wellness
LinkedIn Founder of LinkedIn Group CBD Exchange

Owning the following domains is KEY… 

  1. www.buycbd.co (e-commerce enabled) Squareup. 
  2. www.thecbdstore.co  (e-commerce enabled) Squareup. 
  3. www.cbdstore.co (informational only) Registered Dec 20, 2013. Great google authority. 

Your build will be on www.buycbd.co   We build the following 

  1. Buy buttons for each SKU
  2. Category
  3. Page (we tell your story)

    Please fill out the Prospective Vendor form. Form Link 

To be listed in The CBD Store AKA www.buycbd.co 

  • On-boarding up to 1-4 skus $300.00  
  • On-boarding up to 5-7 skus $400.00   
  • On-boarding up to 8-10 skus $500.00   
  • On-boarding up to 10-15 skus $1,000.00

Category: https://buycbd.co/shop/sales-discounts/shop-by-brand/neurogan/
Page: https://buycbd.co/neurogan

Pay onboarding FEE link. (this is a 1-time fee)
Month to month rent to be listed is $10.00. You can cancel anytime.

💲On-boarding fee $300 to $1000

Another way to hit the front of our website in lieu of paying $500 is to buy a kilo of CDD  isolate from us each month. https://hempextracts.co/product/ultrapure-cbd-isolate-kg-35-7-oz/

We are Green Globe Inc registered in the state of Washington.  We use Squareup and T1 as our merchant account platforms. We use WP-Engine, WordPress + Woocommerce = 7X24X365 (guaranteed uptime)

Start Date by way of Go Daddy.com Selling CBD Online…  Dec 20, 2013. Whois Link www.cbdstore.co today this domain is informational only. 
A little about us: with going on 6 years of selling CBD online, we’ve amassed a huge customer list, a great google and overall SEO ranking, and an active user volume of over 16k a month. People find us by way of organic searches.
The CBD StoreLeafly’s article points to The CBD Store as a choice for consumers in buying CBD Online. Thanks, Leafly! 
How to buy CBD oil online: 8 tips you should know

Additional advertising services (only available to our monthly subscribers):
-email blasts $200 (20k+ customer list)
-triggered front page chats directing visitors to your brand page $100 per week
-social media posts $50/each
-brand banner on front page $500 and an additional 5% off MSRP (this will get you over 7k “warm” impressions/month)
-brand placement of your choosing (other than a front page) $100/month
Unlike cannabis and hemp advertising platforms that serve as a general catch-all for audiences interested in cannabis at large, our visitors come to our site with the intent to buy CBD. No one else can deliver that kind of exposure for your brand.
Prospective Vendors

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Best Regards, Scott Salisbury Selling CBD online Since Dec of 2013
Scott.Salisbury@CBDStore.co  253 221 9051 Call me if you like.