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NeuroXPF, Kyle Turley, and a great sale!

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About NeuroXPF and Kyle Turley 

NueroXPF is a CBD brand in a league of its own, founded by ex-NFL player, Kyle Turley, with a unique vision. Turley was diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) as a result of the numerous concussions he suffered during his 10-year NFL career. Not unlike many of his peers, Kyle turned to prescription painkillers to deal with the physical fallout of the damaging game he played. Cannabis ultimately saved his life and inspired him to found NeuroXPF CBD.


NeuroXPF is a company and brand built on advocacy, care, knowledge, and experience with the athlete as well as the everyday person in mind. They offer a THC-free, lab tested, federally compliant product that comes in a variety of forms. Their mission is to provide people with high-quality, carefully formulated CBD therapy at a reasonable price. A brand truly focussed on outreach, compassion, and credibility.

Unique NueroXPF Extraction Process

NueroXPF uses a CBD extraction process unlike any other. Most products go through a number of extraction processes to isolate the single CBD molecule found in the hemp plant. During this process, essential terpenes are lost. Terpenes have a myriad of benefits, including anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties. NeuroXPF products go through CO2 extraction in order to isolate the CBD compound, then are reintroduced with terpenes. Leaving a product that is pure, yet rich with benefits not found in “CBD only” products.

Groundbreaking Product Line

NeuroXPF offers a variety of CBD products that are tailored to your specific needs. NeuroXPF MCT Oil is a tincture with ultra-refined CBD extract with medium chain triglyceride oil that supplies additional therapeutic benefits. NeuroXPF Water-Soluble CBD is bonded with 100% glycerine that provides an all-natural, silky smooth, water-soluble alternative to traditional oil. NeuroXPF CBD Muscle Rub provides a topical alternative for your CBD needs. Also dissolved in MCT oil for rapid absorption and bioavailability.

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