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At Mule Extracts, we use a closely guarded CO2 extraction process that allows us to collect and reintroduce all the Essential Oils back into our unique finished product that is truly Full-Spectrum. We focus on capturing all the Cannabinoids, Essential Oils and Natural Flavors of our carefully selected Oregon grown Hemp. Because of Southern Oregon’s climate, natural sunlight and native soil, it is widely recognized as one of the best Hemp growing regions in the world. Earning the name “The Emerald Triangle.” We preserve the authenticity of the original Hemp Flower for a unique experience that delivers the results our clients are looking for in a craft CBD product.

Full-Spectrum CBD extract contains every cannabinoid present in the Hemp plant. In Full-Spectrum CBD oil, all the Cannabinoids, Essential Oils and Terpenes are preserved to enhance the wellness properties of CBD. Mixed together each component compliments the other to produce an “Entourage Effect.” For this reason, Full-Spectrum CBD products are believed to be more efficient with smaller doses which can also help to reduce any side effects.

At Mule Extracts, we believe that Full-Spectrum CBD is better than CBD Isolate. CBD Isolate is CBD extracted from the Hemp plant that has been subjected to Isolate Distillation. In this process, CBD is “Isolated” from the other active Cannabinoids, Essential Oils, and Terpenes found in the Hemp plant. Unlike CBD Isolate, Full-Spectrum CBD oil contains a richer complement of the natural chemicals found in the Hemp plant that promote balance and general wellness. So, kick back and enjoy our CBD collection


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