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Traded on the New York Stock Exchange.


Criticality Logocompany is owned by Pyxus

Criticality is a North Carolina-based agricultural hemp company that takes a science-based approach to the extraction, refinement and formulation of high-quality cannabidiol (CBD) products. We are led by CBD experts, extraction and purification professionals, and experienced agricultural hemp producers. We have a rich heritage of working with agricultural products and farmers across multiple countries for more than 100 years, as well as more than 25 years in the extraction and purification industry. Our products are produced in food-grade facilities following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to our products are safe, pure, and consistent.


Korent  company is owned by Criticality


Korent is owned by Criticality, who brings over 100 years of working with farmers and over 25 years of experience in extraction and purification in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

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