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HydraZorb TM (nano) $5,000 per kilogram

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HydraZorb Water Soluble, Nano,  Broad Spectrum CBD Powder

The science is astounding.  Here are a few key points:

-10+ more potent that isolate (1 gram of HydraZorb technology = 10 grams of isolate)

Completely bypasses the liver and absorbed typically within 7 seconds into the bloodstream (never more than a couple of minutes)

-100% absorption vs 6% in typical dosing

-100% water soluble

-No taste or smell

-No “encapsulation”

-Integrates into amino acid chains in the body for complete absorption

-Utilizes a 5 part process including particle charging

-Multi-faceted, patented process


-VERY stable and extended shelf life

-2 droppers full are equivalent of 500mg bottle of CBD tincture from an efficacy perspective

-Superior to Folium and Kazmira head-to-head on COA, efficacy and bioavailability

-Could make 15 bottles of water with 1 gram

-No adhesion to production components (metal, plastic, etc) used in mass production

-THC free

-Made from full-spectrum oil

HydraZorb solubility video

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HydraZorbTM is a nanoparticle concentrated from a full spectrum hemp oil. Proprietary processes produce a concentrated hydrostatic crystal designed for quick uptake that delivers hemp’s maximum benefit to the user. The microchemistry is a particle that allows 100% water soluble suspension status for mixing or absorption. The extremely high uptake allows this product to be used in a ratio from MILLIGRAMS to microchemistry (nanosize) grams.

Overview Of Performance

HydraZorbTM carriers (HZCs) protect their payload from premature degradation in the biological environment, enhance bioavailability, and prolong presence in blood and cellular uptake. Utilizing the Hydra40w synthesis method, the resulting HZCs bond a chemical structure designed as a medicinal agent for quick uptake and extended retention within the body.

Our HZCs were synthesized by using the full HEMP organic matrices with a stable particle size leveraging microchemistry distribution of particles that drastically increase their cellular uptake and penetration across biological barriers (Kumari and Yadav, 2011[75]) due
to size and even distribution… Size and surface chemistry of microchemistry is to determine their in vivo performance (Suri et al., 2007[122]).

The performance of microchemistry is now mainstream science that these forms or delivery create higher and more efficient uptake across biological barriers and in concentration, form creates both bioactivity and bioavailability increases for end users and massive saving for clients converting from high particle size lower uptake products.

Converting from Milligrams to Nanograms

Potency Overview
The current method of ensuring the proper formulation is both in the preparation of the formulation and a post-independent laboratory test allows for a distribution of a testing range to determine maximum savings and product performance. HydraZorbTM is at a nanoscale giving it’s a concentration like effect to converting
from larger particle powders.

This is due to particle size and concentrated chemistry packed into microencapsulation technologies that create a lower true milligram needed in your end product. The conversion of milligrams to nanograms is the process of translating current/required weight in milligrams to the SUGGESTED weight of HydraZorbTM HEMP water-soluble concentrate.

The procedure below is to help create optimize the use and potential cost savings converting from milligrams to nanograms. Once tested against the potency of any other product the below will allow for preliminary optimization for maximum cost saving with maximum physical effects.

Measurement HydraZorb Suggested Conversion
Milligrams of
CBD via isolate
End Weight Product Testing
10.460% reduction – low end to get tested for end weight requirement testing
10.550% reduction – mid-range to give you a medium in which to calculate
10.640% reduction- high range in your end product testing.

Mixing Instructions

Suggested processes to convert to our water-based HEMP concentrate.
1. Review required weight needed in the final product.
2. Establish the current testing procedure used to ensure current end weight is being met.
3. Create an R&D batch of targeted end-use product as currently manufactured. This batch should
already meet or exceeded the current requirement in the end product milligram format.
4. Create three R&D batches with a milligram to nanogram based on a 60%, 50% and 40% REDUCTION from your current milligram NON concentrate.
5. Create end-use products in the three nanogram reduction formats and have tested with your current laboratory that supplies you will the COA of the end state amount of milligrams in
your product.

The conversion weight is optimized by our clients using current end product testing protocols required to end labeling claims. After the end state measurements have been calculated by your external with HydraZorbTM introduced into it those end weight results will tell you to finalize a bit higher or lower from your medium amount of 50% REDUCTION. We suggest use of a bit extra verses trying to match Milligrams to Nanograms exactly. Since the time of water integration and end product uses are different most clients find 40% to 60% reduction
adequate converting from a milligram to a concentrate.

The concept of freeze-dried technology is applied in microchemistry which shrinks many more molecules into a smaller space only to explode in volume when reintroduced into water. This explosion in volume is also the tremendous value of the product in and of itself.

134 Kilograms of Isolate on the ground in Nevada. $4,900.00 per kilo.  Call Scott Salisbury 253 221 9051. These kilos of Isolate are on the ground in Nevada.

Contact ​ 

Scott Salisbury 
🌿🌱 Shopping for CBD  253 221 9051
Founder (🎪The CBD Store and 🎪Hemp Extracts 🎪Green Globe Hemp)
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