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CBD Oil scams: How to protect yourself

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We’ve noticed a number of CBD oil scams and phony CBD products being sold online in recent months.

While we do not want to alarm you about using CBD oil, it is our highest priority to provide access to quality CBD products, so we feel it is urgent to share a few warnings with you about CBD oil scams.

Trail Sizes and CBD Oil Scams

There is a difficult and widespread warning that we would like to share about free CBD samples and subscription CBD oil scams that we have been encountering all year, with a real resurgence around the holidays.

These prevalent online CBD oil scams featured on Facebook and other social media platforms offer free samples of CBD oil.  Once you accept, these scammers will obtain your information by asking you to pay for shipping.  They will continue to charge you for a subscription service – without your authorization. If this happens to you, we recommend calling your credit card company or bank immediately to dispute the charges.  We’ve had many people tell us that they have attempted to track down these scammers, but have been unsuccessful.

In our experience, these scammers change names and locations often and rapidly.  Two that we have run across this year are a company selling a trial-size product called PURE CBD and, most recently, products from

We recommend that you be very careful when ordering CBD samples or trial sizes. Some legitimate companies do occasionally offer trial sizes, but more often than not, these offers are scams.  

There are a few ways to protect yourself from phony CBD oil scams. 

Your bottle should have this information clearly listed on the label:

  • Quantity of CBD or hemp extract in the product – typically expressed in milligrams like 250mg, or in percentages like 20%

  • Clear dosing instructions for typical use

  • List of ingredients – like CBD, hemp extract, and the carrier oil it is mixed with to make it a tincture like coconut oil, olive oil, etc.

We also encourage customers to look for companies that use safe growing practices like organic/non-GMO, and extraction methods like CO2.

While the issue in Utah may seem to affect only a few consumers, we fully expect that there are other vape shops across the country carrying problematic and/or fake CBD products and conducting CBD oil scams.

All of us at CBDStore have worked hard to become product specialists. If you are looking for help deciding on a trusted brand with third-party testing that offers quality CBD, we are here to help. 

Don’t fall prey to CBD oil scams, let CBDStore help you find the quality CBD oil you deserve. Chat with us here.

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