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Hemp-Ness started when a group of friends came together to improve their health and combat the daily stressors that take a toll on our minds and bodies. They share one core belief, that well-ness and modern living should be able to easily coexist. Well-Ness means total body harmony, a strong immune system, decreased anxiety, improved focus, mental clarity, and improved digestion. Modern Living means living fearlessly in the moment. They discovered that highly refined PCR hemp oil, meticulously curated from the highest grade, organically grown hemp is the perfect all-natural supplement to combat the stressors of modern living effectively. What we discover on our journey should be shared to help you with yours.


Hemp-Ness uses only organically grown hemp and the highest quality, laboratory-tested ingredients. Our ingredients are 100% free of GMOs, added fillers, and unnecessary additives. We only use highly refined 0.0% THC PCR hemp oil, the highest-quality CBD hemp oil available on the market

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