What is CBG?

CBG (Cannabigerol) is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in the Cannabis of plants. CBG is the non-acidic form of cannabigerol acid (CBGA), the parent molecule from which many other cannabinoids are made. As with all cannabinoids, CBG is a hydrophobic lipid consisting of a 21-carbon chain linked to an aromatic hydrocarbon ring

Supercharge your endocannabinoid system (ECS) with the world’s first gummy infused with the “Mother of All Cannabinoids” CBG. Enjoy 30 gummies in four delicious flavors and experience the amazing benefits in CBG.

Strength: 450mg CBG (15mg/gummy)

• Contains No THC
• Broad Spectrum
• USA Grown Hemp
• Effectively binds to your CB1 and CB2 receptors within the endocannabinoid system

Ingredients: Corn Syrup, Water, Hemp Extracted CBG, Gelatin, Powered Sorbitol, Fruit Pectin, Citric Acid, Natural Flavoring

Suggested Use: Take 1-2 gummies daily as needed. Do not exceed more than 2 gummies per day.

Total CBG: 450mg 
CBG/Serving: 15mg
Serving Size: 1 piece     
Servings/Bag: 30
Weight: 4oz

Consult your doctor or a licensed physician before taking any new dietary supplements. Use is intended for 18 years or older.

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Experience the “Mother of All Cannabinoids” CBG. Send your overall well being to new heights with the strongest ratio of CBG to CBD oil available. Strength: 500mg CBD + 500mg CBG (1000mg total with 34mg/serving) View Certificate of Analysis

• Contains No THC
• Colorado Grown Hemp
• Certified Organic
• Rich in Omega 3, 6, & 9
• 100% Vegan
• Non GMO
• Gluten Free

• Effectively binds to your CB1 and CB2 receptors within the endocannabinoid system

Ingredients: MCT Coconut Oil, Hemp Extracted CBG, Hemp Extracted CBD

Suggested Use: 1-2 full droppers (1-2ml) twice daily under tongue for at least 30 seconds before swallowing

Total Cannabinoids: 1000mg

Cannabinoids/Serving: 34mg

Total CBG: 500mg – CBG/Serving: 17mg

Total CBD: 500mg – CBD/Serving: 17mg

Serving Size: 1ml

Servings/Bottle: 30

Weight: 3oz

Cannabidiol Life CBG Oil is extracted from the highest quality industrial hemp in Colorado.  Our 30mL/1oz bottle features:

  • 2,000mg+/- of total hemp extract per bottle

  • Sublingual (applied under the tongue)

  • 1,000mg of CBG isolate per bottle

  • 100% organic MCT oil derived from Coconuts



All of our Full Spectrum oils are NON-PSYCHOTROPIC.  This simply means that there is no “high” side effect associated with our products.  The high a person might feel from other cannabis oils are caused by THC and we’re happy to share that our oils are extracted from industrial hemp plants, which means they are always compliant and safe by federal standards and regulation.


We have replaced the THC with a lot of TLC (tender loving care).  We use an extremely slow and delicate extraction process so that we don’t compromise the molecular chain, and literally rock the entire hemp plant back and forth in a laboratory cradle.  Our amazing team of scientists then slowly add organic ethanol as the gentle rocking continues. Through this process, we are able to preserve more of the following:

  • cannabinoids (active & non-active)
  • trichomes
  • terpenes
  • flavonoids

This is exclusively completed through capturing of the hemp-derived vapors during the manufacturing process.

Sure, it takes longer, demands more manpower, and is more expensive to produce, however, the result of this labor of love is the most natural, broad-spectrum, delicious oil on the market. We are in no way associated with the crushing/heat-induced, “supercritical CO2 extraction process” (an industry-standard manufacturing process) because directly, we hated the burn/bitter-taste of the end product and we don’t believe in unnatural flavored additives; we keep it all-natural.


It is important to keep in mind that this oil is more concentrated than most and is intended to be offered to someone who has already established a physical tolerance to CBD products as a whole.   Everybody is unique and every single person requires their own protocols. It is not one size fits all. Regardless of which mg dosage you choose to go with, we recommend and encourage you to consult with your physician to see what dosage works best for you. increase your dosage as needed. Our recommendation is that you start with small doses increasing your intake every five to seven days incrementally Don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit.  Try out different amounts (waiting 6 hours in between dosages) in order to discover your very own “sweet spot”.


  • Take hold of the CBD oil dropper;  5 drops under the tongue
  • Hold there for 15-20 seconds, swallow.
  • Complete steps 1 and 2, two-three times a day.
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