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Cannabidiol News Nov 19, 2020

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The court conceded that a country can inhibit the free movement of goods on the basis of “public interest … provided that that legislation is appropriate … and does not go beyond what is necessary.” But such restrictions aren’t justified in this case, it said. As an example, it cited how France has not banned synthetic CBD, which has the same properties but is just not produced using the entire cannabis plant. 
Béchir Saket, vice president of the French cannabis advocacy group L630, said that the ruling was a “slap in the face” to France and prohibition of CBD in Europe. France in particular has fought against CBD products by shutting shops and prosecuting people who sell them.

Chemovars, also known as chemotypes, refers to the breakdown of a plant species according to its chemical composition. Chemovar classification is pivotal for growers and breeders. Certain chemical characteristics determine, for example, whether a cannabis Indica plant has a greater CBD to THC ratio or vice versa.

Wisconsin – WISC-TV3

MADISON, Wis.– It’s now essentially legal to smoke pot or carry up to one ounce around Madison. The fine for getting caught with more than 28 grams will cost you $1, plus court costs.

             Hemp Flower + Pre-roll Shells

  • Rolled with organic rose petals
  • Traditional 1g cone size
  • Petals are pesticide and chemical-free!! 
  • Packing is easy, instructions included!
  • Pre-roll shells are cured to (62%RH) to maintain flavor. – do not let your shells dry out!
  • Our rose petals contain 2-4% terpenes, not enough to overpower the cannabis, but compliment it

To preserve freshness:
Keep your rose shell in the provided tube until you are ready to pack it.

Rose colors are chosen and distributed at random as color selection is based on seasonal availability.


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