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Cannabidiol News Nov 18, 2020

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New York 

JD Supra

Additionally, the DOH has established the following application fee schedule for businesses that operate in the space:

  • Cannabinoid hemp sales application – $300
  • Cannabinoid hemp manufacturer applications – $500
  • Cannabinoid hemp processor applications – $1,000
  • Two-year business license (depending on operations) – $2,000 or $4,500


U.S. News & World Report
Kentucky Ag Department Taking Hemp Program Applications


Norwalk Reflector
“We bush-hogged it back in early October,” Fuller said. “The market — there’s still nothing there. The KDA hasn’t done anything differently. No processors. People offering $1 a pound. So we decided to bush-hog it instead of spending the money on harvesting it.”

KPVI News 6
Lawmakers kill bill to criminalize smokable hemp, ingestible CDB products
State lawmakers on Monday defeated a bill that would have placed greater restrictions on the sale of smokable hemp and other CBD products in Wyoming, following outcry by producers across the state who feared new regulations could potentially stall the state’s burgeoning hemp industry.


The Missourian
The family purchased seeds to grow their 60 “mother plants.” Mother plants provide the starts for the 11,000 clones that the Riegels grow on the farm. Each of the seeds for the mother plants cost around $5, and the Riegels said they have saved time and money by cloning the plants themselves rather than purchasing new starts, which can cost between $5 to $10. 


Drug Target Review
The scientists designed new molecules that, besides inhibiting the BACH1 protein, also activate the NRF2 protein, which controls the way that certain genes are expressed. These specific genes help to protect cells against oxidative stress such as HMOX1, which encodes heme oxygenase 1, but also many others that work independently from BACH1.


CSNews Online
On Nov. 10, the Cigarette Store Corp., doing business as Smoker Friendly, expanded its commitment to selling the full line of Solari CBD products in all 160 stores in the United States.

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