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Cannabidiol News May 16 2019

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Kim Kardashian threw a CBD-themed baby shower to stop ‘freaking out’

Washington State 
Ducky's Bill: A Bid to Save Children's Lives and Educations
“Ducky,” Barclay explained, was River’s nickname, inspired by a dream her mother had while pregnant with River. River is not a fan of the cutesy nickname, and Barclay used that to his advantage.

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One product – by Ananda Hemp – contained levels of lead so high, it exceeded by 100-times what the EPA would consider actionable for drinking water.

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Eastside Sampling CBD Beverage in Oregon
The Outlandish lineup of ready-to-drink (RTD) cans will initially include three primary products: a seltzer-based, a ginger-based, and a quinine-based tonic. Further line extensions are planned. Outlandish beverages, formulated by Eastside’s award-winning master distiller, Mel Heim, will include up to 25 milligrams of CBD. Outlandish CBD beverages can be used as a component in uniquely designed drinks limited only by imagination or consumed entirely on their own.

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So many things you can be!!!
  • Be Chill™Sleepy Time Tincture (THC: Hindu Kush, CBD: hemp source)
  • Be Better™CBD Full Spectrum Tincture (CBD: hemp source)
  • Be Better™CBD Extra Strength Tincture (CBD: hemp source)
  • Be Friendly™PMS Capsules (THC: Cherry Chem)
  • Be Nimble™Arthritis Capsules (THC: Blue City Diesel)
  • Be Able™Chronic Pain Capsules (THC: Hindu Purple Kush)
  • Be Relieved™Analgesic Pain Gel (THC: Hindu Purple Kush, CBD: hemp source)
  • Be Free™ Pain Balm (THC: Hindu Purple Kush, CBD: hemp source)
  • Be Loved™Massage Oil (THC: Hindu Purple Kush, CBD: hemp source)

That is one badass great-grandma. Giving the camera nothing but Blue Steel, pursed lips, no apologies, ready to rip the entire county a new one. And she will—Burkhalter has hired Benjamin Crump, the high-profile lawyer who represented Trayvon Martin’s family. A multimillion-dollar lawsuit is expected to be filed within days. Her gaze at the camera says: I am not wrong. I wish Hester Burkhalter’s case was an outlier. Sadly, it’s not. The only reason she made the national news is that she was arrested at Disney World. There are plenty of other grandmothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters being arrested for CBD possession who don’t have the option of retaining the services of Benjamin Crump.

State Industrial Hemp Statutes (Purple States Legal to grow hemp)

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