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Cannabidiol News January 15, 2020

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Santa Fe Reporter
Farmer Tom. I have had the good fortune of meeting Farmer Tom speak. Thank you, Farmer Tom.

The CBD StoreHemp Squeeze sleeve

CBD Fusion Brands
CBD Infusion the cbd storeCBD Infusion the cbd store

CBD Distillate (paid sponsor) January 15, 2020

Clearance on Full Spectrum CBD Distillate CBD +76%,

–$1,500 per liter 130 Liters available.
Pivotal LLC. supplies all types of bulk hemp products and hemp derivatives sourced from organically grown hemp on the West Coast of the USA. Professional lab-grade processing, fantastic customer service, and competitive pricing. Contact us today for more information
hemp@pivotalcbd.com1-530-957-3253 Bryan Schwartz 

Pivotal CBD
T: +1 530 957 3253 –
70 SW Century Dr. Suite 100, Bend OR 97702

Portland Oregon January 28 and 29th

(Scott Salisbury owner of…

The cbd store Scott Salisbury will be in Booth 26 teaming up with Trinity CBD Genetics) Stop by and say hi! 

Scott Salisbury Founder of LinkedIn group CBD Health and Wellness.

Hemp & CBD Connex

Booth 26
Trinity CBD Genetics specializes in crossbreeding genetics of hemp and Cannabis plants for cannabinoids potency and high terpene profiles. Trinity CBD Genetics has an award-winning variety of genetics and cultivars. A commercial greenhouse 1-acre large in Redmond Washington, 3 Washington outdoor farms, and with hemp seeds, clones, starts & plugs are available for purchase. The seeds are from Washington 2019 harvest. Our company is a joint venture with a public-traded company in the USA and Canada with a very innovative and advanced horticultural production. The advanced production technology and methods are pharmaceutical grade. The facility will be a GMP equivalent.


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