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Cannabidiol News Dec 5, 2019

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Nirvana CBD
Nirvana CBD (Love the lion) New brand coming online this week. Scott Salisbury owner 


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View Systems, Inc.’s (VSYM)
South America… Hemp Seeds coming into the USA
Medical Marijuana and hemp subsidiary, Sannabis S.A.S. (“the Company”) announces they will begin to import Hemp seeds and other Hemp-derived products to the United States from South America beginning next quarter. The Company is manufacturing products in Colombia derived from certified hemp seeds and has begun planting hemp fields in Uruguay to export hemp seeds to the United States. The Company has secured one of the few licenses in Uruguay for hemp cultivation, they will apply for a transformation license in the first quarter of next year. Sannabis products in Colombia are registered with Colombia’s Health Authority, INVIMA.

👍👍👍😍South Carolina 

Charleston Post Courier
“It’s an important victory because the state has taken the position that all the farmers who participate in growing hemp had waived their due-process rights through their growing agreement. The ruling found that they did not. It’s important when you’re talking about making arbitrary decisions like the state going in and seizing people’s property.” 

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Greg Shelton
Greg Shelton

• 2nd
Director Of Growing at WNC Cannabis Growers
15h •

Biomass TN $1.50 per point obo. 16.8% CBD 100-150 super sack ready for pickup. Flower from the same lot $150 per lb. Lawyer’s retained. DM me for POL.

CBG is not scheduled by the UN Convention on Psychotropic Substances.  In the United States, it is not a controlled substance under the Controlled Substances Act as long as it is not produced from the controlled parts of the cannabis plant.

The CBD Store is already selling CBG Products. Whoop 
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the cbd store

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