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Cannabidiol News Dec 4, 2019

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Scott Salisbury (The CBD Store Owner) 

Yesterday afternoon a hemp farmer I met in Oregon several months removed now gave me a phone call. He was pitching Delta 8 distillate. Not sure what this is? He stated the lab he worked with could only create Delta 8 distillate? What? 

Charlotte’s Web The Company hit with class-action lawsuits. 
🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 FDA Warning Letters What do they mean? Revenue streams.

The Philadelphia Inquirer

Prompted by the stink of a drying facility near Pittsburgh, the Department of Environmental Protection on Monday issued a cease-and-desist order to a malodorous hemp business. It’s the first time the state has shut down a hemp business since the federal government legalized the mass production of the nonintoxicating plant for industrial uses, according to the DEP.


The Cincinnati Enquirer
At $3 a plant, the Burns family spent $24,000 to plant 4 acres of hemp. It was another few hundred dollars to put down special tape and plastic to help the plants grow, something tobacco never needed. Hemp takes a lot of “babysitting,” as the family puts it. 



The shuckNbuckTM: An essential hemp farming and hemp harvest tool, the bucking machine completely strips flower off the stem of a 4 lb plant in under 5 seconds, making quick work of large acreage of hemp or cannabis biomass. Operators collect ground material with an attached hopper and cyclone for easy bulk container loading. Additional features include safety bar, motor brake, e-stop, one operator labor, and easy to clean components.  

The E-180TM: A souped-up 80L version of extraktLAB’s award-winning supercritical CO2 extractor, the E-140, the new extractor machine processes up to 840 lbs per day of hemp into oils producing in excess of 2-3 kg of CBD oil every hour.  The best thing about the system is that it provides a dramatically lower cost per kg oil produced compared to ethanol extraction while avoiding ethanol derived contaminants in the resulting oil and re-validation costs that are inevitable with ethanol extractions.  The system is capable of subcritical extractions and is perfect for producers who plan to scale up capacity.

The fracTRONTM: The falling film evaporator equipment has been primarily designed to remove ethanol from ethanol oil extracts.  Key advantages of the system are that it offers clog-free, continuous ethanol removal.  The system’s packed bed, reduced pressure, counter current, multi-stage separation lends versatility and speed to the distillation.  Capable of heating well beyond the ethanol boiling point, the equipment is also capable of fractional distillation and automated recipe driven purification of terpenes.  Features support many extraction methods and include continuous operation, inert gas counterflow technology, UL Listed control panel with C1D2 compliancy with integrated z-purge, and a method driven tri-stage throughput of 40gal/hr.  

The clearSTILLTM: A powerful wiped film distillation apparatus, the equipment incorporates two thin film evaporation stills with ultra-low temperature condensers in a single piece of equipment.  Customers now only need only one piece of equipment versus multiple wiped film evaporators to separate volatiles and heavy oils from desirable oils. The unit will distill 4-6L per hour with maintenance free roughing pumps and a handy cold finger cleaner. Automated recipe driven operation provides continuous hands-off operation with automated mass data logging. This thin film evaporator takes molecular distillation to a new level.


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