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Cannabidiol News

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Dec, 14 2018

State of Washington 
  Queen of Hearts Colville Tribes
Washington prohibits extraction from hemp flowers to make cannabinoid or cannabidiol, called CBD. The product is marketed as a nutritional supplement and is a fast-growing and lucrative segment of the hemp industry. Washington also forbids growing hemp within 4 miles of a marijuana grow to prevent cross-pollination. The Colville tribe grew 60 acres of hemp in 2017. 

Courtesy of Kim Phillips

The Bureau of Reclamation is the nation’s largest wholesale supplier of water. The Bureau contracts with the Helena Valley Irrigation District to manage and distribute federal water.

Vitality Natural Health LLC
20,000 acres of hemp grown in Eureka Montana? YAP!
Bimble Sparkling CBD Drink Now Sold at Come Back Daily in NYC
Bimble, a high-quality full-spectrum sparkling CBD drink announces it will now be sold at Come Back Daily, New York City’s first and only educational and experiential CBD store


The Oregon Liquor Control Commission regulates the recreational market, which includes more than 1,100 growers, 22 labs, 207 processors and 605 retailers.

after 80 years of surviving in the wild have adapted to Oklahoma’s climate.” “They’re growing wild all across Oklahoma,” he says, “and we document, test and certify those as Land Race Heirloom Industrial Hemp of Oklahoma.” The project has produced some interesting results, like a pair of seven-week-old plants that are already covered in CBD-rich flowers.

OrganicaWorld is equipped with 350,000 square foot state of the art technology greenhouses to grow industrial hemp seeds and plantlets on a mass scale to ship to farmers across the USA. In Florida OrganicaWorld will be able to grow crops to full maturity on open fields every 90 days, thus producing four crops per year. The plantlets cut the grow cycle time down significantly and boost overall crop output. For more information, visit

New York

North Carolina 
The Industrial Hemp Pilot Program in North Carolina, one of more than two dozen state research programs, would remain in place while the USDA gears up to regulate hemp nationwide. States and tribes would have to seek the USDA’s approval for permanent programs to oversee farmers and test hemp crops.

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