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From sprout to skin, we’re overseeing a clean-beauty revolution. It starts with our process, our people and our products but it doesn’t stop there, we’re constantly refining our formulations to bring you the best in botanical beauty. B. Beauty products are exclusively organic so you can always expect potent formulas with a long list of antioxidants, pure plant extracts, free-radical fighters and full-spectrum CBD. If it’s the best part of your skincare routine, it’s B.Beauty. B. Beauty is powered by plants and committed to cruelty-free formulations.

Barbie Blank is best known from E! hit TV show WAGS and as Kelly Kelly from WWE where she was the diva champion for 3 years in a row. Barbie doesn’t play around, not in the ring and not with her skincare routine. She’s beautiful and strong, gritty and glamorous and she’s tried it all when it comes to skincare.

Tired of long ingredient lists full of chemicals and parabens she began looking for a product that felt effortless but still as strong as her spirit. The search was over when she found B.Beauty skincare.

Essential plant-based ingredients paired with superstar performers like argan oil, vitamins A and E, and hemp-derived cannibinoid gives glowing results. From ring to runway Barbie relies on B.Beauty to nourish and protect her skin.

As a visionary and entrepreneur, B.Beauty founder Claudio Torres has always been interested in what’s next. His vision for B.Beauty goes beyond a single product, he is pioneering a green-beauty revolution focused on the power of plants and the wonders of CBD.

With a commitment to quality and cutting edge science, every B.Beauty formula is researched, refined and batched with ethically sourced ingredients of the highest quality giving you the best in botanical beauty.

As Claudio continues his search for the best plant extracts and essences, watch as more B.Beauty products are introduced to market and into your skincare routine.