Akavie the cbd store

AkäVie is more than just a CBD brand.

Our mission is unique, our vision is clear and our CBD products are unparalleled. We’re fueled by the type of passion that only comes from personal experience. Located in the heart of New England, AkäVie is transforming the CBD industry as we’ve known it.

Action sports are our focus and we’re pushing the plant molecule’s capabilities to their extremes. We provide exceptional products with an equally amazing customer experience, but that’s not all. That wouldn’t be enough. We believe the best CBD experience requires two more things: premium-quality and research-backed education. We’re backed by experience too. Everything we do is relentlessly tested on the battleground that is extreme sports. In short, education is just as important to us as any other aspect of our Company, because education is what empowers our customers to choose what’s best for them.

As founders, the three of us have a rich history of entrepreneurship. Unwavering dedication to compassion, integrity and excellence have brought us to this point — and they serve as the foundation for everything AkäVie does. Our latest mission began when we experienced the transformative benefits of CBD for ourselves. Dealing with stress and insomnia, we began to look for natural support for our bodies. And yet we struggled to find quality CBD products. Little did we know back then that our first experience with CBD would be the beginning of this incredible journey.

It’s been a deeply personal journey, one that instilled in us the need to share with others the comfort and relief we experienced. It’s been serendipitous, too, as our discovery of CBD fell perfectly in line with our passion to help others. Action sports have also played heavily into AkäVie’s creation. While we’ve experienced the joys of extreme athletics, we’ve also experienced their downsides. In fact, it was the pain of these downsides that brought us to CBD in the first place.

So our direction was born. Why not get the best of both worlds … by combining CBD & extreme sports? Why not redefine what’s possible for the extreme athlete, by making use of a plant compound that’s already redefined what’s possible for the epileptic child or the traumatized soldier or the arthritic-riddled patient? If CBD could transform their lives and the lives of our friends and family, then it could possibly transform the extreme athlete’s life, too.

As this realization developed, our mission became clear: to develop premium CBD products with industry-leading premium ingredients. Phytocannabinoid-fueled, CBD-rich, THC-free, hemp-derived premium products, that is. Are you ready to experience CBD’s unfiltered benefits for yourself? Other extreme athletes, ourselves included, already have, and we’d like to make it as easy as possible for you to do the same.

AkäVie means – Also Known as Life. We’d like to invite you to join our extended CBD-family and discover the possibilities of this amazing plant. Live your life on your terms, according to what it means for you to be fully alive and fully thrive.