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Cannabidiol News March 24 2019

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Scott Salisbury Founder of The CBD Store 
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Abstract… 3 companies in my oped, are publicly traded. Marijuana smugglers/growers and hemp farmers, not unlike many rock stars could have channeled their intellect towards being, for instance, an astrophysicist like Bryan May of Queen. They chose a different path. And good for us they did! 


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1,2,3 eyes on me. The CEO of Hemp Inc was at one time a school teacher. When we the audience would not settle down between breaks… 1,2, 3… Eyes on me. What a delight. 


The vibe of the show from beginning to end was the sharing of knowledge. Deals for sure were made, amongst the members 6 to 7 folks per table. However, the main thrust of the gathering was knowledge sharing knowledge gain. Noticeable was the earthy smells of hemp. The scientist with 22 patents one of our speakers (very delightful) had slides up no one could read or understand that afforded us (her words) to know that in today’s world of hemp/marijuana the difference between indica and Sativa is blurred to meaningless rhetoric. Cannabinoids and terpenes, one will find in a Certificate of Analysis, afford us knowledge in choice. 


During our networking session, we got to do elevator pitches for what we needed and had to offer. One older fellow in blue jeans and a flannel shirt, an unshuffled appearance for sure started the interaction at the table I sat at. Hi I am John and I am an investor. I took Medical Marijuana inc public. Should any of you here want to move in this direction please get a hold of me. Okay. Given the environment and the folks in attendance, my elevator speech on owning an online CBD Store was not needed. So I stated I was a networker, with a network capable of affording you the seller and the buyer a platform. With 1,560 members and growing, my LinkedIn group “CBD Health and Wellness” I started in Feb of 2014, may be of assistance in building your connections from seed to sale”. 


Our first presenter was a passionate grandma who loved talking about how she is all about sustainable farming. Her definition was in fact all about family farming. “The reason farmers have lots of kids is to help on the farm”. She educated us on Beetle Banks as Beetles love to in the middle of the night go out in armies and eat the bad bugs”. She, in fact, loves to watch them just as the setting sun “is just so” it is beautiful. She was a delight and had all of us feeling the good vibe of helping ourselves and others in the process. Cover crops? important too.


Two folks in attendance a husband-wife team I spent some time with just bought their seeds and were excited for their first ever attempt at growing hemp. They have 12 acres. I sat with them for a good 15 minutes getting to know about them. I shared with them you should have your extraction lab connection in place prior to putting seed in the ground. They agreed and with this, I walked them over to Matt Cyrus a partner in one of the most scenic golf courses I have ever played and a hemp farmer himself. Matt and I met on Facebook several months ago. Knowing that Matt was two weeks or so removed from having his own extraction lab set up, I knew he would want customers come the fall harvest. With the connection made the feeling of helping others succeed was palpable for sure. My brokerage fee? ZERO. I simply knew the connection needed to be done and done! I have some new friends. 


Side note… Dear Matt Cyrus, nice meeting you and your two boys. I would suggest you update your LinkedIn picture as you are not that young any longer. 😍😍😍!!! whoop.


The smartest person in the room was not the scientist with 22 patents from Digipath, rather it was the pot smuggler who spent 9 years in jail. “The King of Hemp” as he bills himself. I got to meet Bruce Perlowin the founder of Hemp Inc. His business card states City Slicker Transitioning to Hemp Farmer. Bruce’s presentation at the end of the show included talking about being the biggest smuggler of pot in the United States, “the king of hemp”. Market Summary > Hemp Inc  Bruce’s presentation was all about helping those who need help.


GREAT EVENT… So happy I was in attendance being a part of history and making new friends.

Scott Salisbury 
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