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Cannabidiol News March 21 2019

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CBD is being sold at the largest drugstore chain in the U.S.

Executives on Curaleaf’s earnings conference call said CVS would begin to carry its Curaleaf Hemp lotions and transdermal patches — which include items with cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD — in about 800 stores across 10 U.S. states. Chief Executive Joe Lusardi said Wednesday that the products would be available in stores by Friday and through the CVS website “soon.”

the cbd store
The World’s first automated Cannabis Farm 

NoCamels – Israeli Innovation News
Seedo Promises 1st Automated, Containerized Cannabis Farm In Israel | Technology

Within 36 months of operation, the Seedo project is estimated to produce a minimum of 14 tons of dry cannabis bud, generating an estimated revenue of $24 million dollars, according to a press statement.

Weedmaps News
Democratic Reps. Ed Perlmutter of Colorado and Denny Heck of Washington, along with Ohio Republican Reps. Steve Stivers and Warren Davidson, are the chief sponsors of the Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act. It was formally filed earlier in March 2019, and currently has 138 cosponsors — more than a quarter of the 435-seat  House.

LSSU logo

Petoskey News-Review
SAULT STE. MARIE — After successfully launching a cannabis chemistry program, Lake Superior State University has launched a Baccalaureate of Science in Cannabis Business. The cannabis business degree provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain meaningful employment in the booming cannabis industry. LSSU Lukenda School of Business faculty recognized the demand for qualified candidates in this multibillion-dollar industry, and designed the program for future managers, supervisors and business developers within a commercial enterprise.

Illinois’ medicinal program allows 22 cultivation center licenses – one in each State Police district, although not all of them are in use – for which a permit costs $200,000 up front with a $100,000 annual renewal fee. There are 60 existing dispensary licenses, five of which are unused, and fees are $30,000 initially and $25,000 for a renewal.
  • $100,000 annual renewal fee 
  • $25,000 for renewal 

Washington State extinction event 
 222 new retail licenses to replace more than 1,500 medical marijuana dispensaries.
On July 1, when the Cannabis Patient Protection Act (SB 5052) took effect, all dispensaries without an I-502 license were forced to shut down, sending many of the state’s medical marijuana patients into a panic. Patients worry that the recreational market doesn’t have enough medicinal cannabis for their needs and that what is available is not affordable. Many point to the fact that the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) issued only 222 new retail licenses to replace more than 1,500 medical marijuana dispensaries. 

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smokeable hemp flower
The CBD store sells hemp flower


North Carolina
Under a two-year pilot project allowed by the government, North Carolina’s hemp production has skyrocketed, Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler said. The state now has 634 licensed farmers growing hemp on about 8,000 acres and 3.4 million square feet of greenhouse space, up from 124 farmers and 2,200 acres and 242,000 square feet of greenhouse space last year, he said. There are also 413 licensed processors statewide, up almost tenfold from a year ago.

Sacramento California

Will 2019 be a smooth year for California’s cannabis industry? One expert says upcoming  ‘extinction events’ prove otherwise.
extinction events. An extinction event is any law, regulation or enforcement action that could financially harm or destroy thriving cannabis businesses. many established dispensaries shut their doors while waiting for a business license, a process slowed with backlogs of applications.
  • extinction event Then last July, the state’s more comprehensive Phase 2 testing forced cannabis products that were on dispensary shelves to be sold, destroyed or retested by July 1 to stay compliant with the new standards. “We saw a lot of businesses go under from that,” she said.
  • extinction event On December 31, California implemented new rigorous testing known as Phase 3, which requires all harvested cannabis products to be tested for heavy metals (such as lead) and mycotoxins created by mold. Phase 3 lab tests are a more than 40 percent increase than the Phase 2 tests, and McGowan predicts more cannabis businesses will close because of it.
  • extinction event Meanwhile, a severe processing backlog has held up new business licenses. An estimated 10,000 cannabis cultivators could lose their temporary licenses, set to expire in the coming months. When a temporary license expires, it forces the cannabis business to operate in a de facto black market, while waiting for the new license.
  • extinction event “If you, as a Metric operator, haven’t set up a culture of compliance and system of record keeping yet, it’s going to devastate some businesses,” she said during a recent panel discussion hosted by the Future Cannabis Project, a media and advocacy company.

hemp sales are expected to eventually surpass $1 billion, leapfrogging the state’s cattle industry. So far this year, 35,000 acres have been licensed, up from only 12,000 acres last year.
Nearly identical hemp bills have passed the Washington state Senate and House both by unanimous vote. The measures reduce restrictions on where hemp can be grown, where seeds can be obtained, and how harvested plants can be used. Both bills direct the state Department of Agriculture to adopt the new hemp rules as soon as the legislation takes effect.

A bill has been filed in Nebraska, where hemp CBD is currently illegal, to remove it from the state’s list of controlled substances and to develop a process to help law enforcement officials easily test products for THC content.
North Carolina extinction event
agriculture department sent a letter to about 400 processors and retailers in the state warning them not to sell food or animal feed containing CBD and threatening seizure of the products. 
  1. officials also warned against the use of CBD as a food additive, upsetting the world’s largest CBD market. 
  2. A shop in California closed suddenly last week after the San Francisco Department of Public Health told operators they could no longer sell CBD edibles.
New York City extinction event
came down on cafes which were selling CBD-infused beverages and baked goods. Maine officials made a similar move. 
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